Explore the artistic possibilities of non-silver antique and alternative processes.

Brenton HamiltonFind a new, creative approach to photography during a week of experimentation in Maine.  Designed for advanced students with a solid grasp of darkroom techniques, participants explore the creative possibilities inherent in working with the alternate processes.

Students work extensively in the field, exploring the entire image-making process working with pinhole cameras, view cameras and 35mm. Once back in the labs, students make enlarged negatives from their fieldwork in order to make contact prints on Salted paper, Vandyke brown, Cyanotype, Printing Out paper, and Gum Bichromate. Brenton Hamilton, a highly respected photographic printmaker, demonstrates a number of hand-applied emulsion processes while teaching students to use Kallitype and Palladium techniques in the same way fine art photographers have for decades. As students master these new processes and printing skills, a new portfolio of work develops.

Students should have a solid grasp of darkroom techniques. A short list of materials is provided to students prior to the workshop.

Winter/ Spring lodging and meal package available $450

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