Produce documentary audio projects and hone your storytelling skills.

Rob Rosenthal interviewing: Photo by Kate PhilbrickAudio narratives engage the imagination. As Ira Glass of This American Life says with a smile, “Radio is your most visual medium.” That may be heretical to say to photographers, but Ira has a point. Audio storytelling engages the imagination like a good book. The listeners create their own images. Now that photographers are being asked to produce audio slideshows, videos, podcasts, and other media with a sound component, it’s important to learn to effectively harness the power of audio storytelling.

This workshop puts students in contact with some of the radio industry’s most qualified and creative individuals as a means to explore and utilize sound. During the week, students find and produce short documentary audio projects about the local community. In class, students discuss narration, interview techniques, ambient audio and story structure as a means to create compelling audio narratives. Additionally, instructors provide daily lectures, equipment demonstrations and critiques.

This is an advanced level audio class. Students should have a good understanding of digital audio content gathering. Students will utilize ProTools in editing and mixing their projects. General familiarity with this industry standard software is encouraged but not required.


Student Testimonials:

"Sarah brings all of her great experience and passion for audio to her students. She is thoughtful, prepared, caring, and fun. You cannot ask for more in an instructor." - Mike Brown, Cincinnati OH

Course Dates

Sep 14 to Sep 20



Class Size