Learn to use Lightroom as your foundation to develop an efficient image management workflow

 Ashley OdenCapturing your images is only the first step in making great digital images. Post processing and management of those images is an essential part of digital photography, and there is no software package better suited for digital photographers than Adobe Lightroom.

In this intensive, information packed 2-day workshop, students learn how to develop an efficient image management workflow using Lightroom as your foundation. This is a hands-on workshop where we all work together with a sample set of images to learn how to import, organize, tag, process, and prepare for output all your digital images.

We place a particular emphasis on the library and develop modules of Lightroom to provide you with the essential skills to optimize your images and make them look their best.

Prerequisite: A basic understanding of computers and the Macintosh operating system is encouraged. This class will be held in one of our digital classrooms, Macintosh computers will be provided.

Lunch is included, other meals are on your own. Lodging is available on campus, private room & bath.  $75/night


Mark Dawson

After working as a freelance photographer in southern Ohio Mark came to the Maine Media Workshops + College in early 2012 for a brief summer break, and never left. 

Mark has been interested in photography as long as he can remember. As a child Mark had a theory that photographs were already inside the little film canisters, and when sent off to be developed all the store did was take them out, unfold them, and iron out the creases. 

Mark originally got dual majors in German Area Studies and Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University in upstate New York. He passed through various careers in a few different states and countries before deciding, in the midst of the Great Recession, to quit a perfectly fine job to become a professional creative person. Mark then attended graduate school at Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio, where he completed the coursework for a master's degree in Visual Communication, focusing on both commercial photography and photojournalism. (Somewhere along the way he gained a greater understanding of how images are really made and has abandoned the ironed-out-creases theory.) 

Mark has been with Maine Media Workshops + College as a Media Producer, Teaching Assistant, and Instructor in the Professional Certificate program. During the PC program Mark was exposed to historical processes (alternative processes) and as a result he now splits his time freelancing with 21st-century DSLRs and making art using 19th-century printing methods.


Mark's website: www.nomadicfrog.com

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Course Dates

Apr 11 to Apr 12



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