Discover the visual, intellectual, and intuitive elements that go into making stunning B&W photographs.

 Susan TeicherThe first step to creative photography is developing the skills of composition and perspective in black and white.  This 2-day weekend course is a basic exploration into the visual aspects of B&W digital photography, covering point of view, framing, the shutter, and the ability of the lens to isolate subject matter through depth of field.  Students concentrate on the creative possibilities while leaving software worries behind.  

What is covered in class:

  • The Quality of Light – the photographer’s basic tool.  Develop a greater appreciation for the quality of light
  • The Camera Lens – discover the ability of the lens to distort perspective, alter reality and isolate subjects through focus and depth-of-field
  • Point of View & the Frame – investigate the frame’s ability to edit, select, isolate, include and exclude elements in our field of vision.  Examine how the camera lies to tell a greater truth.
  • Composition and Photographic Design – Work with lines, shapes and space as the frame creates two dimensions from a three-dimensional space
  • The Element of Time – manipulate camera shutter speeds to extend and compress time, freeze action and express emotion. 

Experimentation is encouraged as participants are expected to stretch, explore and test new ideas. Failures and mistakes are applauded as participants explore new territories and make exciting discoveries.


No previous knowledge or experience required.

Class needs: This workshop will be held in a non-digital classroom, a laptop for image editing and processing will be required. Students are to bring a Digital SLR camera and Tripod or can borrow one for the weekend from the Workshops' Digital Service Department. (An external hard drive of at least 120GB will be required to take your new images and catalog home)

Lunch is included, other meals are on your own. Lodging is available on campus, private room & bath.  $75/night





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