Explore the world of texture, shape, and light in the traditional black & white darkroom. Experience the resurgence of doing it in the dark in this weekend intensive.

This course is for the examination of the world without the distraction and embellishment of color—a world of texture, shape, and light—as can be shown through the basic techniques of manual photography and the darkroom. 

Students will gain an overview and understanding of how to use their camera, lens, and tripod. The basic of film selection, exposure, and development as well as controlling density in the negative and print will all be covered. 

The class topics include how to make the best possible negatives and prints with full tonal range and explores basic darkroom procedures, safety, printmaking techniques, burning and dodging, toning, and archival processing.

Students are encouraged to explore artistic questions concerning composition, framing, light, tone and texture, gesture and moment, along with their own personal responses to the visual world and events around them. This course is a stepping-stone to the great world of photographic images from its foundation to the many possilities it offers. 

What to Bring:

Please bring a manual 35 MM camera (Check your batteries or bring a set)

Tripod - ( This is optional ! )

5 rolls of B&W 35 mm film Kodak Tri-X is a good one or Ilford HP-5

You will need B&W photo paper: We recommend Ilford  Multi Grade Fiber Based paper, glossy surface MG FB (one or two  25 sheet packs).

© Deanna Witman

Course Dates

Sep 24 to Sep 25




Class Size