2-Day Intro to eBooks with InDesign (WS)

Adobe InDesign is vying to become "the" hub toolset for composing all forms of eBooks

InDesign users are already versed in the design and composition toolset of this production powerhouse. Skills acquired for developing print projects may be now leveraged to extend productivity into the burgeouning demand for mobile publications. Static layouts may now be repurposed to use dynamic content including audio and video, slideshows, animations and variety of interactive widgets. ePubs and eBooks aren't just a passing trend. How soon mobile devices will become the primary method for distributing and consuming all types of content.

Extend your InDesign knowledge to understand liquid features for alternate layouts within a single document. Try out the Content Conveyor and learn how elements including text may be linked across multiple versions. Gain an understanding of the difference between, and how to export, flowable and static layout ePub3 files, ready to submit for all devices. Learn about the Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Suite), and how to use your Creative Cloud (CC) subscription to access a single edition license to produce an eBook App for distribution on the Apple App Store. A brief tour of other third party plugins and services will provide an overview of the current field of players in this rapidly evolving frontier market place.


Peter Koons

photo by Minda Taylor MoorePeter Koons has been involved in graphic arts since the earliest days of digital imaging. Founder of High Resolution, Inc., Maine's first 2400dpi imagesetting service bureau, in 1986, Peter has been immersed in most facets of design and production of graphics and imaging for publications, commercial printing, and fine art, as well as tablet and web development. In addition to being a resident faculty member, Peter currently manages the Design and Book Arts program at Maine Media Workshops + College and is instrumental in the maintenance of the mainemedia.edu web site as well as team leader for the print catalog production. Since heading the on-campus digital graphic arts lab at Kodak's Center for Creative Imaging in Camden, in the early nineties, Peter has continued teaching workshops and adult education classes in Adobe's Creative Software, and receives rave evaluations from his students.