When most people travel, they stay outside the culture, whether because of time restrictions, language barriers, or just plain fear and hesitation about the people of that foreign country. But photography can open up those doors and break down barriers; it allows one entrance into those strange places and situations. If you have ever felt distanced from the culture in which you are traveling, would like to feel closer to the people of that place, and have a more exciting, meaningful experience shooting travel and people photography, this workshop is for you.

No matter where the place, it is people that define a culture. Students learn how to form relationships and trust, photographing not as an outsider, but as a member of a community. The camera is a way to connect, to create intimacy, and to have a far more meaningful travel experience. Catherine shares tips on how to gain access in a foreign environment while creating sensitive images, even in a short time.

Students work on single images and short essays, perfecting their style through both daily shooting and close one-on-one critiques, in which Catherine gives a great deal of time and attention to the individual student. Students shoot in nearby villages and communities, learning about technique, equipment, fill flash and natural light.

During the week students explore creativity, ethics, and the ingredients for an impressive memorable photograph. Catherine teaches participants to sharpen their vision, to capture a moment, to understand the quality of beautiful light, how to experiment, take risks, and to push the boundaries of travel and people photography. Catherine discusses the life of the professional photographer as well as sharing lively anecdotes, insights into the photographer's career, the business of stock and assignment photography.

This workshop is for digital photographers. A laptop with editing software is required.

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