Enrich storytelling through the addition of sound and image.

Explore beyond traditional forms of storytelling to the new powers of sound and image. This workshop is for the photographer and filmmakers interested in incorporating sound and text with photography to enrich visual storytelling. This course investigates theories and practices of traditional photo narrative, strengthening visual components while encompassing the power of editing and sequencing. This is not a technical class but an exploration of visual and auditory experience. The class looks at the construction of different narratives, inclusive of sequencing images and the addition of music and/or ambient sound to best convey mood and emotion. Through complementing photographs with sound, Students are guided through various storytelling approaches and structures, adding a whole new dimension to a series of images. Students critique published slideshows, create their own with existing work as well as new work photographed on assignment throughout the week. Participants use digital cameras and have digital files of existing work. A laptop is required. A digital audio recorder is recommended but not mandatory.

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Course Dates

Sep 28 to Oct 4



Class Size