Enhance handmade prints with the control of digital imaging.

Combine the warmth and beauty of the platinum/palladium print with the precision of digital negatives, all in the same workshop. From digital capture or scan to the final print, students learn all the steps to crafting beautiful handmade prints. Participants learn how to make high-quality enlarged negatives without getting their hands wet. The class experiments with different types of negatives and a variety of papers and chemistry, entering the enchanting world of hand-coated platinum/palladium printing – often described as the most beautiful of all photographic processes. Students work with images on the computer, taking them from original captures or scans to completed platinum/palladium prints. Special hands-on tutorials demonstrate how to build digital images quickly and precisely. Between printing sessions students dive into the meat and potatoes of digital photography, learning powerful digital techniques that control the composition and tonality of final images. Desktop color comes alive as Dan covers his inventive pigment-over-platinum techniques for combining the hand-coated platinum print with digitally applied, archival color pigments. Field trips give the class the chance to make new images in nearby Maine locations. Students should have a basic familiarity with Photoshop.

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