A workshop to learn to photograph nature everywhere, from your own backyard to the wilderness and ocean harbors, in a highly personal way.

David Middleton

From classic lighthouses to quiet harbors, rocky beaches and scenic vistas atop Mt. Battie, Midcoast Maine provides a rich and varied landscape for nature photography lovers. Participants in this workshop have the opportunity to explore these natural wonders while working with one of today's leading outdoor photographers. David begins the week by demystifying the technology and simplifying the photographic process so students can concentrate on the processes of seeing and making photographs. The emphasis of this course is on ideas, producing clear visual statements, using simple compositions and getting predictable results. Participants learn how to set up a shot using a tripod, long and macro lenses and a meter. Demonstrations and illustrated lectures provide material for the afternoon fieldwork. Students improve their skills in using natural light, shadow, color, form, and composition in creative and personal ways. By the end of the week, participants are comfortable with cameras and the processes of seeing and recording impressions. Expect to be working early in the morning and all day until dusk. The class meets daily for group critiques and instruction.

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