Learn the guidelines and techniques for writing episodic television drama

In the last decade, episodic television dramas have virtually taken off, representing a wide array of themes from Homeland to Game of Thrones. This trend has opened up vast opportunities for a host of new skilled writers needed to meet the demands of weekly episodic programming. In this one-week workshop, students are exposed to the actual requirements and creative demands of episodic TV drama writers under the instruction of professionals working directly in the field. The workshop follows the structure of a writer's room, complete with pitching ideas, story lines, and dialogue. Working together, students build an outline for an hour-long TV episode. Individually and in teams, students create their own scenes, and time permitting, possibly an entire script. All participants are encouraged to bring laptops and a scriptwriting program such as Final Draft or Movie Magic Scriptwriter. By week's end, students in this workshop are able to draft scenes for an episode of a TV drama of their choice.

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