Unlocking Emotion: Tools for Directors and Actors

Unlocking the emotional experience: Directing and Acting for the Camera with Caitlin Fitzgerald

Too often the demands of a film shoot create an atmosphere of stress, panic, and miscommunication on set, making it difficult for both actors and directors to tell their best possible story. In the rush to get the shot, often there is no room for deep and revealed feeling for the actor, and no room for acute and perceptive direction. 

A class for both actors and directors, come explore what it means to tell stories from a place of vulnerability, creativity, and joy.  Directors will learn how to make  actors feel safe, playful, and excited about the work, and will discover how to communicate with them in ways that unlock the full range of their emotional lives. Actors will learn how to self-empower on set and take charge of their performance and artistic needs in order to unleash the breadth and depth of their talent. Through exercises, movement, scene-work, and on-camera direction, we will re-discover the joy of this collaborative art and how to make space to tell incredibly compelling stories. 


Caitlin FitzGerald

© Rikers BrothersCaitlin FitzGerald is an actress whose film credits include ‘It’s Complicated’ (Dir. Nancy Meyers), ‘Newlyweds’ and ‘The Fitzgerald Family Christmas’ (Dir. Ed Burns), ‘Taking Woodstock’ (Dir. Ang Lee), ‘Damsels in Distress’ (Dir. Whit Stillman), and the up-coming  ‘Mutual Friends’, ‘Manhattan Romance,’ and ‘Brothers Keeper.’ Her television credits include ‘Mercy,’ ‘Blue Bloods,’ ‘Law and Order:SVU,’ ‘How to Make it in America,’ ‘Gossip Girl,’ and the role of Libby Masters in Showtimes Golden Globe nominated series ‘Masters of Sex.’ 

A Camden, Maine native, Caitlin was thrilled to bring a group of friends to the mid-coast three years ago to shoot ‘Like the Water’, a feature that she co-wrote and starred in. This fall Caitlin made her directorial debut with a short entitled ‘The Girl with the Jacket’ which she shot in and around New York City. Caitlin’s training includes  New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, and, many years ago, the Young Actors program at Maine Media Workshops.