Ever wonder how beautiful timelapse imagery is made? Find out from a pro

Ever wonder how beautiful timelapse imagery is made? This workshop explores the world of timelapse photography using a DSLR still camera with intervalometer capability and Final Cut Pro. Students learn proper planning, gear requirements and execution of the timelapse, including optional special software and post production techniques.

Timelapse is a technique where each of the frames of the final film is captured in a much longer time or in  much longer intervals than it is displayed. Due to the impression of speeding up time, the time lapse technique makes it possible to perceive the processes that pass unnoticed in the everyday life, such as motion of the clouds, the revolution of the night sky, stars, moon, as well as growth of plants, trees or passing of the seasons. Application of timelapse technique is not limited to capturing only nature. It can be used to capture everyday events such as automobiles, cityscapes, building of structures, etc. Timelapse is a technique and its range of applications is limited only by the imagination.

Students learn the secrets of stunning timelapse photography and create a short film using images created with a DSLR camera with an intervalometer cable and a Vari-ND filter (or a ND 3.0 filter) on a tripod, processed with Photoshop CS5 and edited with Final Cut Pro. Students also explore the advanced techniques of timelapse photography such as motorized tripod heads and motorized dolly systems.

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