This course is designed for Nonprofit and For Profit organizations to understand the many ways they can strategically and authentically further their mission by utilizing the creative process that underlies the craft of storytelling.

The same creative process and questions experienced filmmakers rely on to craft the storytelling in a film can be creatively applied to many aspects of an organization in service of its mission: identity building and communication, fuller harnessing of existing resources and strengths (human and other), outreach and education efforts, video-making, the creation of live events (public speaking, press conferences, media interviews, galas), construction of websites and written materials, even media campaigns, and even human resource efforts such as leadership building, guiding collaborative and effective team work, and generating fuller use of and participation by stakeholders and supporters.

The course includes an advance preparatory phone call to clarify individual goals and participants are asked to bring materials and ideas for an inspiring and rigorous time.  The week starts with a grounding in the tools of the craft, along with their potential for application, and then progresses to a focus on your specific organization.  The course can appeal not only to staff in marketing and development departments, but also to Presidents and Executive Directors, Administration, Board Members, and Volunteers.


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