Discover what makes the Steadicam camera stabilization system unique in this comprehensive workshop.

Carrie Pratt

In this intense advanced Steadicam workshop students will learn to interpret a script in visual terms based on the director’s vision, the DP’s requirements and the editor’s needs.  They will learn the “language of Steadicam” and how to properly employ it to produce riveting images that enhance the narrative.

Through lectures, demonstrations, and multiple exercises, students will gain practical experience in using the equipment as they are introduced to the technical skills, set etiquette and the aesthetic vision required to become a successful Steadicam operator.

This workshop covers setup and balance, vest and arm adjustment, walking and running, panning, booming and tilting, POVs and whip pans, tracking, low mode, stairs and vehicle mounting and more. Additional instructors work with participants in small teams using several different Steadicam and camera combinations.

The week culminates with the shooting of a long and complex dramatic scripted scene.

The workshop is designed for working film and video professionals with some camera operating experience. Suggested prerequisites are Camera Assistant or Camera Operator workshops.


This class will end Friday evening, after dinner and screenings of student work.


"I came here ready for an intense, thorough Steadicam experience. I left with all of the tools and confidence I need to start working"
- Tony Schultz, Encino, CA

"Intense week, fun, creative"
- Enrique Moya, Miami, FL

"Coming to this workshop was one of the best decisions I made. Paul Taylor was great."
- Sena Amengor, Sarasota, FL

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Paul Taylor

Photo Credit: Bill WhitePaul Taylor began his career as an Emmy Award winning film editor, then director of photography and director and later a producer with his own production company. He has been teaching Steadicam workshops for 15 of his 25 years in the motion picture and television industry. He works out of Los Angeles and has contributed Steadicam shots to motion pictures such as Adaptation, That Thing You Do, Virtuosity, and Being John Malkovich. Television shows include House, NYPD Blue, Star Trek – The Next Generation, Cold Case, and Nip/Tuck. Music videos include Bjork, Macy Gray, Keith Urban, Rihanna, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. His other areas of interest include many years as an expert 3d stereoscopic consultant. Paul started in 3D twenty years ago when he produced, directed and edited a 10 minute trailer for a proposed 3D sci-fi feature film. This project included some of the first use of 3D Steadicam and dual 70mm 3D projection. He has co-produced a large format 3D world’s fair film and worked in 3D television as director of photography and head of stereoscopic technology. His recent work in 3D includes an IMAX film, a concert film, a D-cinema project and demonstrating 3D at the Sundance film Festival. Paul is an advocate of starting with a compelling story and then adding immersive 3-D imaging. He is now offering his services as a specialized producer providing custom 3D digital camera systems and then supervising the 3D stereography from pre-production through post.

From one of Paul's students:

"Coming to the workshop was one of the best decisions I made.  Paul Taylor was great."
- Sena Amengor, Sarasota, FL


Course Dates

Jul 5 to Jul 11
Sep 13 to Sep 19



Class Size