Learn optics, capture dynamic 3D footage, and produce finished 3D video segments

As more 3D file-based, handheld camcorders enter the market, this cutting-edge technology is becoming available to filmmakers and videographers of every skill level. New compact cameras with integrated twin-lens systems allow for a single lightweight camera to be used for many applications in place of the bulky twin-camera rigs used in higher-end productions.

In this workshop, emerging filmmakers and students with a working knowledge of shooting video explore the creative potential and technical aspects of 3D videography. Through lectures, demonstrations and exercises, students learn optics, image composition and the production workflow; capture dynamic 3D footage; and explore the editing requirements and output options for their finished pieces. The relative advantages and disadvantages of different formats and cameras are also discussed. Students produce 3D video segments that are shown during a special 3D screening during the Workshop's weekly Friday night Celebration of Work.

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