Learn the set procedures followed by film and video crews around the world.

Professional film and video productions, from low budget independents to Hollywood blockbusters, are highly collaborative. In order to stay on schedule and on budget, a crew must work quickly and safely. This three hour workshop is for level 1 students new to film and professional video production and for level 2 students wanting to take an advanced production workshop. This intensive production class exposes students to the various crew positions, responsibilities, and safety procedures employed universally in professional film and video productions.

This course is required for some workshops and recommended for others. Please check the descriptions for the following workshops to see the requirements: Basic Cinematography, HDSLR Cinema, Digital Cinematography, 16mm Film Production, Location Lighting, Experimental Filmmaking, The Camera and Visual Storytelling, and Feature Film Lighting. This course will run on Sunday, from 1 - 4pm, the same day the workshop begins.

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This course is not offered at this time.
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