A hands-on study of the script supervisor’s role in feature films, episodic television, and TV commercials.

The script supervisor, sitting at the right hand of the director, is a critical player in any form of successful filmmaking. This one-week workshop is for aspiring script supervisors on feature films, television series and commercials. All of the script supervisor's responsibilities, including paperwork, software, tools, and procedures are covered. In lectures, discussions, script breakdowns and on-set work, students learn the proper procedures for timing, reports, and script notes. The class covers instruction on the most important relationship of the script supervisor — that with the director, and how to relate to the actors, producers, the story, and the accuracy and reality of the film production. Students learn about continuity and matching, what to watch for during filming, and why script continuity is a major contribution to the quality and effectiveness of a film, especially in editing. The class reviews films for flaws in continuity, and learns how to read a script and prepare for each day's work on set.


Jillian Amburgey

Jillian Amburgey is a Continuity/Script Supervisor whose credits span thirty years on both coasts as well as internationally. She is an east coast resident and a member of the Script Supervising Union/Local 161 IATSE/NY, as well as, SAG and DGA eligible.

Jillian also directed 2nd Unit-Summer Time Switch (ABC Family), Produced/Wrote/Directed the pilot, 2 episodes of the The American Traveler series, Acted in - Problem Child, Harriet Tudman Story.

Most recent Script Supervising/Continuity credits (South East): Miami- Charlie’s Angels (ABC); New Orleans: K-Ville, (FOX); Atlanta: AMC’s Epic series The Walking Dead, Necessary Roughness (USA network), Devious Maids (Life Time-ABC Family) and Constantine (NBC). Feature Film credits include: Solace (New Line Cinema), Crazies (Overture Films), Taken 3 (Universal), Transporter 2, Bug, Premonition, Factory Girl, The Punisher, Talladega Nights, Water Boy, There Is Something About Mary, Days of Thunder.

She is an alumnus of University of Florida, University of Miami College of Music.

Jillian’s energetic lectures emphasize the power of perception. She has lectured at Western Carolina University, University of Central Florida, Full Sale Film studies, Orlando Fl, and Maine Media Workshops, Rockport Maine.

Working alongside Oscar and Emmy award winning Directors and Actors has provided her with a unique perspective on her profession. “You are your perception.” She credits her professional success to relying totally on preparation, performance, personality, and professionalism. “What we do as Continuity/Script Supervisors, both behind and in front of the camera, carries a magnitude of training, focus, appreciation and respect. We embrace, enhance and support all the departments in the film making process.” Jillian will educate you on the craft of a Script Supervising. You will learn set etiquette, acknowledge your own personal and professional perception and most importantly with that knowledge, gain the confidence in your abilities to attain the respect you deserve.

Check out her credits on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0024488/

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