Learn the entire RED EPIC workflow, from set-up and capture, to final post-production.

With advancements in digital video technology happening at an unprecedented rate, the RED EPIC has made a big splash in the market. This hands-on, one-week production workshop is for all experienced filmmakers who want to learn the RED EPIC and its technical characteristics. The students learn how to build and accessorize the camera, including the various lens options. The class covers image acquisition and color space theory, basic camera operation, 4K vs 2K FOV, audio, monitoring solutions, and the world of Look-up Tables (LUT's).

In field productions, students learn how to expose for RAW acquisition and handle RED EPIC media on set. The workflow is examined, from acquiring to transferring, archiving and importing RED digital media into various post production solutions. The class takes their projects into post production at the end of the week. RedAlert, RedRushes, RedCine, the RED Final Cut Pro workflow, working with proxies, transcoding vs working with 'native' R3D files, conforming your project, AVID workflow, Premiere Workflow, and preparing for the Digital Intermediate are all covered.

Course Dates

Oct 19 to Oct 25



Class Size