Acquire and hone all the skills you need to design, record, mix and edit the sound for film and video.

Quite often the quality of sound is the most under-appreciated aspect of filmmaking. The truth is that photography and sound are the two most important tools in storytelling. This is a workshop for those who want to acquire the technical knowledge and set procedures required of professional sound recordists and mixers in a wide range of field productions.

The workshop covers all of the necessary equipment, set procedures and techniques for recording and mixing sound in the field. Students learn to appreciate the protocol common to all TV and movies, the importance of inter-departmental communication and cooperation, and the benefits of audio societies and union membership. Through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on field exercises student learn the correct use and function of equipment, the correct political and working protools, and the physical and sonic challenges of working on location.

Students explore the varied situations a sound mixer encounters working in the field, from car shots, camera cars, noisy environments, wireless miking, overhead booming to working with females and children. Students develop their own sound aesthetic and learn how to work with various microphones, digital recorders, booms and support equipment to create a 'sound environment' for a variety of film and video productions.

Throughout the week, students develop an ear for sound, acquire the necessary technical skills and insight for creative problem solving, and to gain an understanding of what is required of a professional production sound recordist/mixer.

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Course Dates

Sep 3 to Sep 9



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