As more filmmakers are working independently of the big studios, setting up one's own production company is critical in the process of getting the film out there. Producing the Indie 101 is a dynamic crash course for first-time independent filmmakers. Once the film is made, what does one do with it? Where does one go? How does it get seen, and then sold? This course covers all the fundamentals of establishing a production company optioning and developing creative material, pitching the project, budgeting, finding an entertainment attorney and legal protection, starting a film fund offering, creating an effective investment package, fundraising, location scouting, putting a creative team together, dealing with guilds and unions, casting, scheduling principal photography, making sure cast and crew are on the same creative page, shooting, staying on schedule and under budget, closing out the production office, editing, post production, music rights and clearance, marketing and presskits, choosing a film sales agent, sales strategies, submitting films to festival and film markets, setting up distributor screenings, acquisitions, and making distribution deals for films internationally. By week's end, Producing the Indie 101 provides students with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to produce their own film. The workshop is a cornerstone in the foundation of producing independent films, and the first step in realizing the movie.

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