From pre-production research through post-production, gain a solid understanding of what it takes to release a successful documentary.

Modern-day documentary filmmakers must wear many hats, not least of which producer/director. From concept, fundraising, filming and editing, to post-production, marketing and distribution, the comprehensive overview presented in this workshop exposes participants to the art, craft, and business of documentary filmmaking from the perspective of a producer/director.

The bulk of the week is comprised of classroom lectures and screenings focusing on pre-production, research, as well as content management and post-production workflow. The remainder of the week is dedicated to hands-on exercises and in-depth discussions of camera work, visual design, sound recording, and montage. As Digital HDSLR cameras and others rise to prominence, this workshop will analyze their pros and cons as tools for documentary.

By the end of the workshop, students have a solid understanding of what it takes to release their documentary into the world; what it takes for the documentary to be a success; and the many potential pitfalls on the road to a successful documentary and a documentary filmmaker's career. 


"This week changed my life. It opened up a world to me that I didn't know existed. Thank you!"
- Kathry Mattach, Camden, ME

"This course reminded me how creative I am. Best week ever!"
- Elizabeth

Course Dates

Jun 14 to Jun 20



Class Size