Producing and Directing Corporate & Government Videos

Learn the skills needed for producing and directing compelling corporate and government videos.

Carrie Leonard

This comprehensive, one week workshop is designed for corporate and government videographers, producers and media managers who want to improve their video skills in training, production and communication programs. Develop a higher level of production quality, get better results with crew and talent, and learn the production process from concept development through program editing and distribution. The class screens and discusses a wide range of video programming and learns the production techniques that make programs successful. The class discusses equipment choices, scheduling, crew assignments, client management, creative script development and visualization, and budgets in the production of corporate and government programs. Through exercises and field production, participants learn how to improve camera positions for better images, learn basic lighting techniques for interviews and demonstrations, learn how to stage and block scenes, and how to prepare productions for editing. With emphasis placed on corporate training, marketing and communications, the workshop covers: identifying target audiences, setting measurable program objectives, developing a workable project budget, creating effective concepts and treatments, basic scriptwriting and visualization techniques, production planning, crew direction, client management and planning for post-production. New media technology selection and tapeless workflow strategies are covered along with web-based delivery options.

Participants operate video production equipment, direct talent, crew and the editing process in the creation of a short corporate video program. The class meets the client, develops an effective approach, budgets the project, visualizes and scripts the program, develops the storyboard and shooting plan, casts talent, shoots the scenes, and directs the edit. Students leave this in-depth production workshop understanding the entire production process from concept to delivery.


"A great place to learn and recharge your creativity"
- Rick Andersen, Rochester, MN

"You can tell that the instructor really wanted you to take advantage of the experience and to learn as much from it as you could"
- Keisten, Ashburn, VA

"This course taught me so much more than I expected"
- Penelope Anne Miller, North Augusta, SC

"Excellent course. Great instructor."
- James Marsh, North Augusta, SC


Steve R. Cartwright

Steve R. Cartwright is a leading producer/consultant to the government and corporate communications industry. 

Steve has had over twenty-five years of experience in the design, writing, production, and management of media-based training and communications programs. Cartwright & Associates is a full-service media-production company located in Tucson, AZ. 

Steve has been the Executive Producer for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense and Video Supervisor at the White House Communications Agency and  was selected to the White House Presidential Support Team. Prior to forming Cartwright & Associates he was Manager of Media Services at Texas Instruments, Director of Training and Video Production at the Pima County Sheriff's Department and Director of Instructional Media at the American Hospital Association. 

Steve is the author of Pre-Production Planning for Video, Film, and Multimedia and Designing and Producing Media-Based Training published by Focal Press, Inc. He is a frequent contributor to the industry's leading trade magazines. A popular seminar/workshop speaker at international training and media technology conferences, Cartwright has led more than 350 professional video production workshops teaching more than 10,000 students. Mr. Cartwright has produced over 800 video and computer-based training and communications programs for retail, manufacturing, government and the hospitality industry.