From initial concept through to the final product, create an animation that emphasizes the animator as author and actor

Animation is simply the creation of sequential images that communicate the representation of physical actions or ideas revealed over time. These images can be hand drawn, photo collaged or computer generated, yet the fundamental basis for animated movement remains the development of traditional cell animation which matured over 60 years ago. It is through the analysis of motion and gesture that 2D animation laid the foundation for all animation techniques that followed.

This workshop leads participants through the process of creating an animation, from the initial concept development through to the final animation. The workshop begins with a discussion of approaches and goals and quickly moves towards planning, thumbnailing, storyboarding, character design, timing, staging and animating. The creation of character as an expression of the individual artist, be it a rabbit or mouse, robot or microbe, emphasizes the animator as author and actor. Students record simple audio tracks to accompany their projects, voicing their own characters to create that elusive illusion of life to which animators have aspired for generations. Using Toonboom software, this workshop also covers the animation camera, lip-synching, animation cycles, scene planning and painting, palette management and more. Participants end-up with a short finished animation in either Shockwave or QuickTime format.

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