Topics will include working with directors and producers to meet their music needs and vision, choosing music placement, content acquisition, and music licensing.

The powerful role that music plays in film and television to move the story, convey feeling, garner an emotional response, and set the overall tone is equally important as the visual media itself. The role that the music supervisor plays in choosing and incorporating music into a film or TV show, is a pivotal one, and has become a highly sought after position in the entertainment industry. The music supervisor is typically in charge of choosing, negotiating, and incorporating pieces of music into any given production and acts as a liaison between the business and creative ends of the process. 

In this class, students learn the overall responsibilities of the music supervisor including working with directors and producers to meet the music needs and vision for a film or TV series, and choosing where selected music will ultimately be placed.  Topics addressed will include the process of selecting, negotiating, and licensing existing songs or scores, facilitating the creation of new music or scores, working within a strict budget, and oversight of post-theatrical uses of a soundtrack. While there are no specific technical qualifications or universally accepted job description of the music supervisor, it is, nonetheless, one of the few positions with almost unlimited growth potential; people from wide and varied backgrounds have become successful music supervisors.  The field is growing and open for people with a wide music knowledge base, the ability to get the job done and, quite often, the right connections.

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