Understand the array of visual effects and the process of integrating them into a film.
Visual Effects are essential for feature films like “Gravity,” “Life of Pi,” and “Hugo.”   Commercial production companies and television networks are increasingly receiving more requests to include effects in their work. These effects must be planned for pre-production and production to be fully realized and finalized in the post-production process. Independent and short films take advantage of the available tools to create high-end visual effects. Whether it is a shot of a futuristic city or an explosion on screen, effects are becoming more accessible to the average filmmaker. 
This workshop provides an excellent overview for those considering a career in Visual Effects or for those who wish to better tell their story by using visual effects.  Students screen and identify visual effects used by filmmakers. Students also learn the difference between Nuke Compositing, After Effects, and Practical Effects through film studies and lectures. 
Explore all of these options available through lecture given by a professional Visual Effects Artist.

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