This workshop will explore the visual effects process from conception through to completion of a production. Students will learn about the duties of the visual effects supervisor and visual effects producer, as well as the duties of the rest of the team. We’ll cover how the script is broken down with regard to visual effects and the role it plays from the early stages of pre-production through to post.

Students will examine how visual effects is integrated into every stage of the production process from script breakdown, to on-set operations including location and tech scouts, to set design and camera movement during principal photography and culminating in post production. We’ll discuss the implications visual effects has on the scheduling and budgeting of a production, with examples using the industry-standard Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling software. We’ll  also cover the technology and equipment available to achieve various effects.

Students will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of the role of visual effects in achieving the director’s vision, as well as the collaborative requirements of visual effects into each phase of the production process.

Course Dates

Jul 26 to Aug 1



Class Size