Production designers begin work in the very early stages of a film playing a key role in creating the sets and choosing the locations that will bring the story to life. This workshop explores the elements of production design in film and television, from pre-production through to post. Students will explore how the art department drafts and creates the physical design of the film, in conjunction with the director’s vision.

The look of a set or location captures the attention of the audience and makes the story on screen believable. The week will begin by defining the roles and responsibilities of each member of  the art department along with set decoration, construction, props, armorers, costume design, hair and makeup.  

We’ll discuss how the production designer carefully breaks down the script to pull out every element that will be represented on screen and how they will be created, from design to modeling to construction and dressing. Students will begin to appreciate the depth of research required in ensuring each element of design pays homage to the culture, era and other visual themes of the story.

Students will leave the workshop with an understanding of the roles and intricacies of production design, as well as with the tools to stay on schedule and within budget while transforming the script into a visual realization.

Course Dates

Jul 19 to Jul 25



Class Size