Maine Media Workshops is offering a unique opportunity for independent filmmakers to shoot a project they want to complete.  The Independent Filmmakers Residency faculty is made up of highly respected Film Professionals and Writers to help students further develop their existing script and to shoot an 8 to 12 minute narrative film or documentary. Maine Media Workshops offers a wide range of in-house equipment, cameras, sound gear, lighting, and editing facilities with experienced technicians and talent for support.   The Residency encourages collaboration and the opportunity to crew on fellow students films. 

Students arrive with a completed (or semi-completed) script.  The faculty and students will workshop the scripts and aid in fine-tuning prior to pre-production. Week two can be used for scouting and pre-production issues as well as potential project shooting.  Working with staff, the shooting schedules are plotted out for all projects.  Week three is dedicated to production.  Week 4 is primarily editing and pickup shots.  At the end of the 4th week, all projects are screened in a Friday evening celebration.

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