Explore the benefits and challenges of using HDSLRs to achieve a professional-quality cinematic look

Digital SLR cameras that shoot HD video (HDSLRs) are becoming a popular tool for filmmakers and photographers. HDSLRs have revolutionized the film production world, offering a relatively low-cost way to achieve the cinematic look previously only available in higher-end cameras. This hands-on workshop highlights the benefits of HDSLRs and addresses the challenges and limitations of working with this rapidly evolving technology to achieve professional-quality images.

This workshop covers the technical aspects of working with HDSLR cameras such as menu settings, image monitoring, still and cine lens options, filters, exposure control,  cine-style accessories, camera support, data management and workflow. Visual aesthetics are discussed with regard to composition, depth-of-field, shot design, camera movement, and lighting. 

Students shoot short projects and exercises to become familiar with the equipment and practice the art of developing a visual narrative. It is recommended that students take Digital Cinematography or an intermediate photography class prior to this course.

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