Four-Week Documentary Film School

Develop your style and voice while researching and producing compelling documentary work

Four-Week Documentary Film School concentrates on defining and developing each student's potential as a documentary filmmaker. The course explores historical and contemporary work, production requirements, and today's technology for independent documentary filmmaking. A wide range of programming, formats, structures, styles and documentary films from throughout the world are discussed and screened.

Students are encouraged to develop a style and a voice, research and produce original documentary work that tells compelling stories.

The class consists of lectures, screenings, demonstrations of equipment and production methods, and an introduction to the post production process. Cinematography, lighting, sound recording, research and development and interview techniques are covered. A shooting schedule, actualities and B-roll, story assembly, script development, and the critical importance of sound are all examined in this intensive, in-depth workshop.

Regular exercises are followed by screenings and critiques of students' dailies. Students work in teams proposing short, manageable documentary projects which they shoot and edit digitally for screening and review by the class. Subject matter can come from local issues and events, artists and a host of interesting local characters.

All work is reviewed and critiqued, and in the end, students take away at least one, possibly more, collaborative documentary pieces.


Andrea Claire Maio

Andrea Claire Maio is a filmmaker based in Detroit, Michigan. She runs a film production company and directs and produces documentary stories for multiple platforms; radio, web, television and the big screen. She is an alumna of University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, the Maine Media Workshops and the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Her work has appeared on This American Life, Public Television and in major film festivals world wide. She's taught filmmaking (experimental and documentary production and theory) at the University of Missouri, the University of Wisconsin, Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Maine Media Workshops.