Explore the artistic possibilities of post-production with one of today’s top master film editors

The crucial role of a successful film editor is often overlooked by the viewing public. When the editor does the job well, the audience enjoys a seamless storytelling experience from titles to the end credits. This workshop is for experienced film directors, editors, and producers who want to develop greater sensitivity and skill in editing and shaping dramatic material. The course explores the creative process of editing with the guidance and critique of one of today's most successful and knowledgeable film editors. Students explore the use of timing and continuity, the structure of scenes, and the aesthetics of cinematic storytelling in crafting dramatic stories. Students work as part of a creative team while editing, re-editing, and experimenting with selected scenes. Lectures cover editing room procedures and techniques for creating drama, suspense, and heightened emotional pacing in comedy, romance and suspense films. Additionally, students learn about an editor's relationship with the director and how each contributes to shaping the story. Students are encouraged to bring a professional reel and rough cut of a current project. Everyone participates in the critiques of classmates' reels.

Course Dates

Oct 26 to Nov 1




Class Size