Explore the directors creative process, style, and set management with an acclaimed director

Successful films require the guidance of a strong director who has done all of the homework and has a full understanding of the story he/she wants to tell. This course is for working film and television directors and filmmakers who want to explore a film director's creative process in shaping a performance and choosing scene coverage in a dramatic film. During the week there are screenings of important films and a review and critique of participants' reels. Discussions and exercises addressing such topics as the director's process, crew management, and directing styles are held daily. The class analyzes a feature-length script and selects a scene, then assists and participates with the directing faculty in the production of the scene. Auditions with professional actors as well as rehearsals and blocking are overseen by the instructor. Students analyze the importance and usage of shot coverage, point-of-view, camera placement and movement, and performance techniques in assembling the pieces into a seamless, dramatic scene.

Course Dates

Oct 12 to Oct 18




Class Size