Learn how to capture the best images and footage from the most effective angles using a small-unmanned aircraft, otherwise affectionately known as a drone. Drone flight is catching on fast, but the rules regarding safety are changing on a daily basis. This hands on workshop will teach flight fundamentals and operational best practices, as well as creative techniques, culminating in a real world video/photo production project each student can use in their reels or simply to showcase their work.

Successful completion of the workshop will include a certificate signifying mastery of the level of proficiency required for safe flight in both commercial and recreational settings.

Class objectives include:

  • Instilling a level of proficiency with drone flight operations, and assuring a safe foundation for long-term success
  • Teaching advanced operational skills, tuning and techniques for experienced pilots
  • Providing a comprehensive level of understanding of the complex factors that determine legal flight operations for the drone artist
  • Instructing on the optimum methods to obtain footage, both for photographers and cinematographers, including correct camera settings, and creative manipulation using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Premier Pro

Each student will receive flight time on various DJI drones, as well as exposure to the larger heavy lift drones. Checklists and other materials fundamental to safety and best flight practices will also be provided.









Abbe Lyle and Scott Strimple.  Abbe and Scott recently formed an educational partnership through CinemAerial and will be teaching workshops around the country and conducting drone safaris to various exotic locations during 2017 (www.cinemaerial.com)


Scott Strimple

Scott is a director and Emmy award winning filmmaker who is most recently known for his diverse expertise and effective style of teaching within the aerial photography and filmmaking arena. He is a captain and FAA check airman for a major airline. He is currently helping define the pilot certification standards and training requirements that will influence the framework for drone use within the US. Scott is a frequent speaker and presenter at many industry filmmaking and photography gatherings.


Course Dates

Oct 15 to Oct 21



Class Size