Sharpen your filmmaking technique with Oscar and Peabody Award winning documentarian, DeWitt Sage

The rise of documentary film is evidenced by its increased presence in film festivals, theaters, broadcast outlets, and on the web.

This one week master class is designed for filmmakers and advanced students who want to take their filmmaking to a higher level with the mentoring of a veteran of the non-narrated, but always narrative, documentary film. Although students are required to bring their own work (and lap-top editing systems) this is not a software class; it is about shaping and improving works-in-progress. The class will include conceptualization, confidence, storytelling (scripted and non-scripted), journalism, ethics, interviewing as relationship, the use of music, re-enactment (caution!), filmmaking-by-ear and group as well as one-on-one sessions to advance individual ideas or projects. The instructor’s and other documentarians’ work will be incorporated in the week's exploration and analysis. By week’s end, the students will have sharpened their understanding of documentary filmmaking, re-evaluated and improved their own projects, and enriched their palette of tips and guidelines used by a master in the field of documentary filmmaking.

Because this class size is limited, students are asked to submit examples of completed work.

Course Dates

Oct 11 to Oct 17




Class Size