The DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) deals on set with workflow, strategic thinking, technical processing, signal integrity.

A Digital Imaging Technician (D.I.T) is a relatively new role within the film industry and not everyone is clear about what a D.I.T does and how they fit within a film crew. D.I.T’s on a shoot are responsible for the technical set up of the camera for recording. The focus of this class will include detailed overviews of the following camera systems and recorders: Arri Alexa, Sony F55/F65, Red Epic, Canon C500/C300, Codex On-Board, Sound Devices Pix240, and the Gemini 4444.

The D.I.T serves a crucial role on set as the bridge between production and post-production. The course aims to take you through the D.I.T's duties on a typical shoot using waveforms and vector scopes to analyze the images coming from the camera, on set color with the creation of “Look Up Tables” or LUTs, and dailies creation with sound syncing for delivery to post. This course provides practical and professional training and is a great overview of the job of the D.I.T from a technical point of view. After completing the course you will have gained enough knowledge to take your first steps into being a D.I.T with a solid understanding of the latest camera systems.  

Digital Imaging Technician: Waveforms & Vectorscopes

As its name suggests, this workshop covers the use of waveforms and vector scopes on set. The workshop also demonstrates the use of many other tools used by modern digital cinematographers, including false color, zebra lines, and histograms. The workshop is designed to give both a technical and practical knowledge of how these tools are used.  As part of this process, the workshop will also included a live demonstration of matching two different camera systems using scopes.

 Class Outline:

  • Understanding the Waveform
    • Reading the Waveform
    • Sweep, Display Modes, Calibration
    • Examples
    • Understanding the Vectorscope
      • Gain & Calibration
      • Examples
      • Other Video Analysis Tools
        • Off Color / Cine Zones
        • Zebras
        • Histograms (F65, C300, Alexa, Epic)
        • Camera Matching Example
          • Using a Paint box
          • Matching with Scopes

Applicants must be experienced film and/or video professionals familiar with high-end production techniques.

A resume must accompany all applications.

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