Direct successful corporate videos by integrating art, technology and project management.

Directing successful corporate videos requires the integration of art, technology and project management. This one-week workshop, designed for corporate and government video directors, producers and communications specialists focuses on the art of directing, technology choices and production management to help increase skills as a video director. Participants learn how to improve production values; work with talent to achieve best performances; and direct crews for the best technical results.

Learn how to communicate better with talent, crew and client in reaching program objectives; learn aesthetic considerations for best artistic results; learn how to improve camera technique, lighting and audio recording to achieve high quality results; and learn the mechanics of video directing for efficient scheduling, budgeting and project management. The course covers techniques on how to break down scripts for production efficiency, how to cast talent, prepare for interviews, and solve production problems before they affect the shoot. Learn how to block, stage and cover a scene for single-camera shooting, position the camera for the best creative result, evaluate lighting and capture good audio.

Through exercises and field production, students are challenged to capture good performances and quality production for corporate and government projects. Participants' video examples will be screened, evaluated and critiqued by the class and faculty. Class participants develop storyboards and visual approaches, direct talent and crew, and direct the edit in the production of a short informational video program.

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