Learn the techniques, methodologies and aesthetics of color correction and grading as used in professional filmmaking

This 5 day course is an introduction to digital color correction and grading using DaVinci Resolve. Utilizing a workshop atmosphere in combination with lectures, demonstrations, projects, students will take their first steps toward a technical understanding of the art and craft of color correction and grading for digital video.

Initial Resolve Setup

• Setting up system preferences, Media Storage, Gallery Stills and Cache files and Creating a new User.

Serial Node and Basic Color Correction and Grading

• Understanding Basic Color Theory and Importance of Color Balancing using Primary correction adjustments. Understanding the Color Balance Controls, Identifying and Correcting Color Cast. When Why and How to Manipulate Color directly in the Blacks, Mids and Whites. When and How to use Custom Curves. Understanding Soft Clips, the Waveform Monitor and Vector Scope.

Serial Node and Secondary Color Correction and Grading

•Overall grading, Hue vs Hue, Sat, Lum,and Lum vs Sat Tab Grading, HSL grading, Matte cutting for “Luma Matte” grading, Power Windows with Circle, Square, Polygon and Curve Shapes with Inside / Outside the shape Grading. 3D Motion Tracking, Image Stabilization and Key Framing.

Advanced Node Operation and Grading Techniques

• Also Advanced Node operation using parallel, layer, and keyer nodes.

• Advanced Node Management.

Power Grades

• Create your own effects library of looks with Power grades.

Gallery Still Store

• Also stores the color corrections along with the still image.

• Grabbing Stills and Still playback options.

• Importing stills form other projects.

• Exporting stills


• Conforming and verifying the edl cut list vs the work picture.

• FinalCut and Avid multi track timelines.

• Self Contained Quicktime Movie imported and cut up with EDL.

• EDL workflow.

• Resolve Originated

• Resolve Scene Detection


• Input and Output Transforming

• Slate


• Render Properties explored

• Round Tripping with Final Cut X and Avid.

• Batch Rendering

• Exporting

Other Topics Covered:

•Working within the Resolve Interface

• Pan Tilt Zoom Rotate PTZR will be explained.

• Configuration Tab

• Correcting the Sequence and the Render Queue Room

• Batch Rendering different formats

• Re-Conforming.

• Color Matching and Scene to Scene Continuity.

• Using scopes to help with color matching.

• Using the Playhead for color matching

• How to use and create LUTs.

• Grading with audio playback.

• Database Management.

• Resolve Project Importing and Exporting

• Timeline Management tricks.

• Creating new sequence and copy the existing color corrections

• Keyboard Shortcuts



"Great course and must-have skills for indie filmmakers."
- Wei Zhou, Mountain View, CA

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!"
- Randy Levine, Waterford, CT

"Learning is a lifelong event, MMW is a wonderful experience."

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