Learn the techniques, methodologies and aesthetics of color correction and grading as used in professional filmmaking

This workshop is an introduction to digital color correction and grading using DaVinci Resolve Lite. Utilizing a workshop atmosphere in combination with lectures, demonstrations and projects, students will take their first steps toward a technical understanding of the art and craft of color correction and grading for digital video.

Class covers the digital color grading workflow from initial resolve setup and color theory to node structures and delivery.  Students learn the tools and nuances of color matching and how to take projects to the next level with graded looks.


"Great course and must-have skills for indie filmmakers."
- Wei Zhou, Mountain View, CA

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!"
- Randy Levine, Waterford, CT

"Learning is a lifelong event, MMW is a wonderful experience."


Kate Izor

Kate Izor is a photographer, filmmaker, colorist and educator based in New England.  Following her education in photojournalism, Kate studied the contemporary culture and profession of photography as the photographic assistant and studio manager for master Magnum photographer Bruce Davidson. She then began teaching at the Maine Media Workshops (MMW) and the International Center for Photography in New York City.

As her experience in imaging grew, Kate became the Photography Programs Director at MMW for three years, where she worked to create a dynamic environment fostering creative vision, craftsmanship and expression in the media arts for thousands of students.  She recently left her MMW position to pursue her own vision, encompassing filmmaking into her repertoire and co-founding Turkey Run Productions with filmmaker Bruno Toré.

In her work, Izor’s camera captures what we don’t see, at times hope for, and at times would rather ignore than be faced with, answering questions of identity and social integration.  She has had one solo exhibition and has been a part of several group exhibitions.

To see the work of Turkey Run Productions, please visit http://www.kateizor.com

To see the work of Turkey Run Productions, please visit http://www.turkeyrunproductions.com




Course Dates

Aug 16 to Aug 22



Class Size