Developing the Story

Learn to take an initial concept for a compelling story and develop ideas for screenplays, novels, or your own personal memoir.
Developing the Story is workshop for writers with little or no experience in writing fiction or creative nonfiction. The class focuses on the elements: dialogue, voice, image, character, point of view, and structure. Students are asked to read and discuss fiction by major writers, to critique each other's work, and to write and revise at least one short story. Requirements also include several short writing exercises.
You have what you know is a great idea.  But what to do with it?  A magazine or newspaper article, a book, a blog?  A memoir or a novel?  Or a documentary or feature film?  And how do you get from idea to something more tangible?  This class helps you to figure out how to proceed—with structure, voice, point of view and elements of dialogue, tone, character and more.  Students are asked to read and discuss…..  
Whether you're a neophyte with no experience or a veteran looking to expand your horizons, this class will help you be prepared. 


Janet Roach

Janet Roach is an Academy Award Nominated screenwriter, teacher, lecturer and former documentary filmmaker for CBS and PBS. She has written over a dozen film scripts, of which five have been produced. Janet has also won the British Academy Award, and the Writers' Guild award for Outstanding Achievement in Screen writing. She was nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay of Prizzi's Honor. She also wrote the scripts for Mr. North and the ABC television movie The Three Stooges

She taught screenwriting at Columbia University's Graduate School of Arts and has taught both documentary filmmaking and master classes in screenwriting at the Maine Media Workshops for more than 20 years. She has also taught screenwriting master classes in Canada, Finland, Mexico, Poland and New Zealand.

A part-time resident of New Zealand, she is currently at work on a memoir, Swimming with Dinner, about the adventures she has shared with her husband in an isolated point of land on the North Island's Doubtless Bay.