The 2018 schedule will be online by mid-January.

Unlike any other film school, the Cinematography Intensive is a customizable 8-week or 12-week program that prepares students to go to work as professionals immediately upon completion.

This intensive is not eligible for any promotional offers that may occur.

The master faculty at Maine Media Workshops provides filmmakers with opportunities to refine technical skills, gain experience in film production, and produce samples for a professional reel. Our generous sponsors ensure that students are learning on industry standard lighting and camera equipment, recognized worldwide as the very best. 

Our 8-week Summer Intensive is designed for college students, recent grads and emerging professionals.  The 12-week Fall Intensive offers an extended selection for students who may have some previous production experience and want to take their skill sets to the next level. Call us and we will assist you in creating a program that is tailored to accommodate your career and educational goals.

8-week Summer Cinematography Intensive

JUN 11-17 Basic Lighting and Grip

JUN 18-24 Basic Cinematography

JUN 25 - JUL 1 Digital Cinematography

JUL 2-8 Location Lighting

JUL 9-15 The Steadicam Workshop

JUL 16-22 The Camera Assistant Workshop

JUL 23-29 Camera Operator

JUL 30 - AUG 5 Feature Film Lighting

12-week Fall Cinematography Intensive

AUG 6-12 Basic Lighting and Grip

AUG 13-19 Basic Cinematography

AUG 20-26 Digital Cinematography

AUG 27 - SEP 2 Location Lighting

SEP 3-9 Nonfiction Cinematography  -OR- Production Sound Mixing

SEP 10-16 The Steadicam Workshop

SEP 17-23 The Grip Workshop

SEP 24-30 The Camera Assistant Workshop

OCT 1-7 Camera Operator

OCT 8-14 DIT on Set

OCT 15-21 Advanced Digital Cinematography

OCT 22-28 Feature Film Lighting

Students may also incorporate workshops from other areas including directing, producing, editing, documentary filmmaking, and photography to supplement their specific interests throughout the respective 8- or 12-week programs.

Students applying to the intensive program must forward to the registrar a complete registration form, résumé, and a list of classes that they wish to attend. To assist Maine Media advisers in tailoring the curriculum, applicants are also highly encouraged to provide a statement of intent that identifies their present, short-term and long-term career goals and aspirations.

Meet our Students

"I’ve gained perspective on what it means to be a DP during my time at Maine Media. I’m a lot more relaxed now when I think of cinematography as an art form because I know the tools and I know the tricks. I also know that technology is something constantly changing.  It’s less about the cameras now for me. It’s more about bringing pictures to life and creating a visual language of my own". - Tom Gibbons, Switzerland


“I’ve always had a vision. My style is sexual, surreal, and experimental.  But I never had the tools or the technical knowledge to make it happen. At Maine Media I can play with the tools and learn from the teachers. On a set I wouldn’t have the opportunity to experiment with the lights, but here I can. The teachers are not only teachers. They’re also cinematographers working in their field. It’s been amazing to learn from their experiences. I now have the tools, the knowledge, and the crew to make my vision happen.”  - Silvana Rohana Ventura, Mexico


“I was working as an associate producer and realized I wasn’t happy with where my career was going. A producer has to be everywhere at once. They’re always multitasking, and that’s just not me. I wanted to focus on the images. I talked to a bunch of producers and they said, 'If you really don’t like it, stop. If you just want to focus on images, become a cinematographer.' I heard about Maine Media from a cinematographer I worked with in Washington D.C. He knew people that had been through the program and he recommended it. I looked it up online and signed up for a tour. That was it. I was sold.” - Ben Wilson, Washington D.C.


8-week Summer Intensive $10,995

12-week Fall Intensive $16,695

A deposit of $1,500, applied against tuition costs, is required at the time of registration.

Lodging & meals available at a reduced rate.

Please contact Registration,, for further information.

Course Dates

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Check our full workshop listing for other alternatives.

Please email us or call 1-877-577-7700 with any questions.


8-week $10,995 ; 12-week $16,695

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