Learn to work on a professional Film or HD Camera Crew, as camera operator, assistant, and dolly grip under the guidance of an experienced Camera Operator.

This one-week workshop is for new camera assistants and operators, filmmakers, and video professionals who want to learn to work as members of professional film crews. In lectures, screenings and demonstrations, the class covers the theory of cinematic language, composition, shot design, and the motivation for camera movement. The focus is on exercise-based real world situations to allow students to put into practice the theory covered in the Camera Operator Workshop.

The course provides valuable practical experience on film and digital cinema camera systems from Arri and Panavision, as each camera crew rotates positions to stage and executes a wide range of challenging camera shots. Instructors assign increasingly difficult shots throughout the week and each student gains experience handling the equipment, completing camera reports, following slating procedures, blocking and setting marks, and pulling focus and zooming.

Students learn how to determine and achieve the required depth of field, how to competently identify the functions in the camera menu settings, and how to select a focal length that is appropriate to the given style of camera movement. In exploring the correct camera support to use for each setup and the technique of static and moving shots, students acquire intuitive skills for moving a dolly, pulling focus, composing the frame, and following actors and action with geared and fluid heads, dollies and jib arms.

Students should have an understanding of the structure and responsibilities of the camera department, how to identify and configure camera accessories and some previous basic operating experience.





Matt Siegel

CLIO Award winning director of photography Matt Siegel creates visual images for commercials, features, documentaries, branded content, and corporate communications.

His commercial clients include Google, Toyota, Ford, SONY, Audi, MasterCard, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola, with new campaigns filmed for Bayer, Honda, CVS, and Timberland. His commercial work has won international recognition, including ADDY, TELE, Cannes’ Golden Lion, and Cable ACE awards.

In addition to commercial production, Matt has extensive industry experience as a 2nd Unit DP and Camera Operator on episodic television, including the WB series Everwood, the CBS drama Joan of Arcadia, the Jerry Bruckheimer series Just Legal, and the CBS series The Mentalist. His work as a feature film camera operator on major motions pictures includes The Matrix: Reloaded, Master and Commander, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

In the realm of new media, Matt has created popular viral marketing campaigns for Hasbro’s Nerf and Reebok’s Zigtech. He enjoys collaborating with Google's Studio G and The Google X lab in Mountain View, CA., assisting in cutting edge R&D for products like Google Glass and the Google Driverless Car.

Matt balances his professional film career by conducting camera and lighting workshops around the world, demonstrating production techniques and new technology for ARRI, Black Magic Design, Canon, Panasonic, and SONY. As a founder and assistant arts professor, Matt lent his professional expertise to New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts-Asia. His recent text An Introduction to Digital Cinematography was published by John Wiley & Son, Ltd.


Course Dates

Jul 23 to Jul 29
Oct 1 to Oct 7



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