Learn from a Hollywood First Assistant what it takes to assist the world's finest Directors of Photography.

The role of the camera assistant is becoming increasingly important with the newly emerging technologies and constant updating of camera systems. This one-week workshop is for emerging filmmakers, camera assistants, and other professionals who want a thorough education in film and HD camera technology and set procedures.

One of the industry's leading authorities guides students through the structure of the camera crew and their responsibilities, the procedures and techniques that a camera assistant must know to work on features, commercials, documentaries, and music videos. Through practical exercises and demonstrations, students learn how to prep a camera package prior to a shoot. Using the latest film and digital camera technology from Arri and Panavision, students learn to assemble a camera, select the correct settings and to pull focus. By the end of the week students will be able to operate a fluid and gear head, assemble dolly track, make dolly moves, shoot hand held and effectively use other forms of camera support equipment.

The course covers paperwork, focus theory, film formats, scene blocking, marking actors, set procedures, and other practical aspects of working on a camera crew. Factory representatives and professional camera assistants provide instruction on the assembly, operation, loading, cleaning, and routine maintenance of each camera system. Students learn to make lens changes and adjustments, check out a package, complete a camera report, fill in a slate, check a film gate, operate a video assist, pull focus and handle a zoom control, and set up an HD camera system with cine-style accessories.


"It is a thorough and meticulous scrutiny of every aspect of being a camera assistant that provides a wealth of knowledge"
- Austin, Savannah, GA

"It is definitely good for career advancement. You will learn from the industry veteran that many things are not in any textbook."
- Weizhour, Mountain View, CA


Potential instructors for this workshop include...

Bill Coe

Alan Disler

Brad Edmiston

Bob Hall

Greg Luntzel

Dominik Mainl

Richie Masino

Mark Spath

Harry Zimmerman

...among many more!


Brad Edmiston

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Brad Edmiston has been a Camera Assistant for more than 35 years, working with many Directors of Photography including Dante Spinotti, Vilmos Zsigmond, Conrad Hall, Fred Murphy, and Darius Khondji.  Brad started as a Film Loader for Universal Studios’ Camera Department in 1974.  He then worked as a Second Assistant until 1980, when he moved up to First Assistant for the hit TV show Dynasty.  His credentials since, include feature films such as; The Karate Kid (Brad’s first feature), The Karate Kid 2, The Dead (John Huston’s last directorial job), Sliver, Seven, Jingle all the Way, The X Files Movie, Zoolander, and Shark Night 3-D. 

Brad’s recent work includes numerous commercials, 2 seasons of the TV show, Southland, 1 season of the TV show, Terrier’s,  and the short-lived TV show, Ironside.   Also, he had done 2nd Unit work on Captain America, Fast and Furious 7, and Ant-Man.  


Course Dates

Sep 24 to Sep 30



Class Size


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