Basic Video Production I

A comprehensive introduction to the many aspects and processes of professional video production.

Tim BroekemaThe ability to create a professional, finished film requires a complete knowledge of its technical aspects. This workshop is for emerging video and film professionals, corporate staffers and freelancers who want a working knowledge of the entire video-making process: pre-production, production and post-production. Students learn to take an idea from its initial concept and turn it into a finished documentary, corporate video, TV commercial, educational or training video, music video, or dramatic scene. The class covers script writing, budgeting, location scouting, crews, technology, equipment, editing, and combines morning lectures and demonstrations, hands-on exercises in the afternoons, and evening editing sessions. Students gain practical experience in several production roles as the class produces various projects. Career options and opportunities, industry trends, paperwork, workflow, and introductory editing are all covered.

It is recommended that students take the Basic Lighting and Grip Workshop before this course. Level 1 students must take the Set Etiquette and Safety Crash Course before this workshop.