Explore the creation of documentary video in the pristine and stunning wilderness of Moosehead Lake

© Geoff HancockThis workshop is a unique opportunity to explore the world of journalism and the pristine wilderness of Maine.

This course is for nature enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers and conservationists looking to gain experience shooting documentary video in the beautiful and rugged Moosehead Lake region. This awe-inspiring body of water is nestled among scenic mountain ranges and surrounded by vast forested wilderness.

Students will develop story ideas inspired by the rich history and current events of the region. They will be encouraged to think creatively and capture the images you can only find off the beaten path. At the end of the week, students will have a chance to see their project come to life through the editing process and present their stories from The North Woods of Maine.

Students will learn how to plan everything from their story to the logistics of the expedition, troubleshoot and improvise in sometimes difficult conditions and be resourceful in a remote environment.

Other topics that will be covered:

  • Capturing a documentary/news/nature story
  • Camera composition
  • Shot sequencing
  • Working with available light
  • Operating audio recording equipment and creative use of natural sound
  • Shooting interviews
  • Choosing the ideal equipment based on budget and ability to transport
  • Preparing for and editing a story in post-production.

We will talk about how to respect specific wildlife we may encounter while still getting great shots in natural habitats, as well as safety precautions that are essential to a successful outdoor expedition.

Students will acquire the skills necessary to adapt to the environment in which they work and live and practice “leave no trace” outdoor ethics used by all major outdoor conservancy organizations.

Pricing includes tuition, shared rustic accommodations and meals.   S’mores will be served.

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