Expand your story development and film production skills working on a series of short documentary and narrative film projects

This intensive, hands-on learning experience is for emerging filmmakers and those interested in pursing careers in the film industry. Guided by our professional faculty, students study fundamentals of filmmaking in the core areas of writing, story structure, visual storytelling, and editing. Through lectures, practical fieldwork, and critique, students build upon their foundation skills.

Coaching of each student’s process takes place during the writing, pre-production, production, and editing phases of each assignment. Lectures and demonstrations  provide advanced technical training. Students experience the entire filmmaking process, rotating and sharing the roles of producer, writer, director, cinematographer, grip, gaffer, assistant director, and editor. At the end of the program, students are prepared to advance their skills in the filmmaking process.

The method of instruction in this program is through hands-on experiential learning. Through working on assignments, students gain understanding and familiarity in all facets of the filmmaking process for both documentary and narrative work.

This program is for those with a strong interest in making their own films, and or seeking a professional career in filmmaking.

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