Master digital cameras used on feature films and TV productions in this hands-on workshop

This workshop is for cinematographers, video professionals, and directors of photography who want to explore the creative potential and technical options of the latest digital cameras, while blending traditional filmmaking techniques with the latest digital technology.

Students learn visual perception, optics, sensitometry, gamma curves, exposure meters, the Zone System, exposure latitude and depth-of-field, test frame rates, shutter speeds and angles, Look-Up Tables (LUTs), tools of color correction, and progressive versus interlaced using cameras from a variety of manufacturers.

Control of the image through on-board menus, filtration, lighting, and exposure is a focus of this class. Students also learn about shot and sequence design through script interpretation, assessing story content, scene coverage, blocking, camera movement, perspective, lens selection,  and eyelines.

Students will shoot on RED Epic and Canon C-series digital cinema cameras. It is recommended that students take the Digital Cinematography workshop first.

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