Study with a Master DP and Camera Operator to capture visual performance, lighting, composition and develop your own style.
The Advanced Camera Operator steps beyond Camera Operator and introduces students to new tools. Students will receive hands on instruction to the latest equipment and accessories as well as learn to work with Directors, Actors, and Continuity. Learn your DP’s lighting style and place the camera accordingly while working your way around the lights and boom. Learn to communicate effectively with the DP and Director. Shoot to music. Dig deep into composition and aspect ratio.
  • Handheld – triangulation and the matte box
  • Dolly
  • Long lens
  • Gearhead
  • Movi Freefly
  • Movi Rig
  • Trick rigs (soccer ball, sandbag, bungee rig, etc.)
  • Doggie cam
  • Dolly track placement
  • Communication with DP and or director
  • Communication with Dolly Grip
  • Gear head vs. Joystick
  • Motivating moves
  • Helping the Focus Puller
©Mark Dawson

Course Dates

Oct 5 to Oct 11




Class Size