AD/UPM/Line Producer

Plan and manage a film project as a production manager, assistant director or line producer

Tim Broekema

All film projects have scheduling and budgeting issues. This workshop is for professional and aspiring producers, production managers, ADs and PAs who want to learn to be line producers, unit production managers, and assistant directors on feature films and television productions.

The class examines all of the necessary procedures, workflow, techniques, and paperwork needed to plan and run large and small film productions. Working with a television or feature film script, students break it down, create a production board, and produce a shooting schedule. The class solves production and budget issues, scouts locations and completes the deal sheets and forms used to run multi-million dollar projects.

The course includes a notebook of handouts, reference lists and various form, all of which are useful to students after the workshop. While feature films are stressed, the material is applicable to low-budget films, corporate and video projects.