Get to the next level. Great instruction + Great Gear = Great Opportunities.

Our filmmaking program is known around the world for its hands-on teaching style that gets students working with top-tier gear and industry-leading professionals. Maine Media faculty are great cinematographers, directors, editors, or screenwriters who take time out from working in their field to share their knowledge with students from around the world seeking to be inspired in their artistic vision and hone their craft. Alumni of the workshops are working on films for Netflix, HBO, independent films, and documentaries.

Former students include Mexican director Alejandro González Inñáritu, winner of 2015 Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Screenplay (Birdman), and the 2016 Oscar for Best Director (The Revenant), Laura Poitras, winner of the 2015 Oscar for Best Documentary Feature (Citizen Four), and Rodrigo Prieto, the acclaimed Mexican cinematographer of Brokeback Mountain, Babel, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Just imagine your future!

Header Image Credit: Nathaniel Boechat