Explore the camera’s role in the storytelling process for documentary filmmaking.

Massimo Bassano

Today's audience has become very sophisticated in the visual art of filmmaking. They expect a high level of quality in all of the various forms of storytelling, including documentaries. This one-week course is for emerging and professional documentary filmmakers and cinematographers who want to explore the technical and creative role the video camera plays in documentary filmmaking. There are screenings and analysis of documentaries, camera style, and technical and storytelling solutions. The class covers storytelling, shot design, sequencing and continuity, blocking and camera moves, composition, pov, and lens selection. The mornings are for classroom discussion, critiques, and screenings. The afternoons are dedicated to research and fieldwork as the students find and shoot a short documentary, and gain practical experience handling the camera in a variety of situations. Scenes are edited for review and critique.

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