Discover and conquer the myriad details that have to be considered before your grand idea becomes a tangible object.

This workshop explores the myriad details that have to be considered before that grand idea becomes a tangible object.

If your desire is to learn about the book arts, then join David Esslemont for this intensive and inspiring introduction. Practical exercises, theory, and examination of historical precedents will cover every stage of book production: from shaping that original idea, choosing which route to take; the equipment and materials needed such as paper and ink; book design, typography and layout; illustration; printing and printmaking and basic bookbinding including making paste papers, leather binding and gold tooling. Traditional arts such as calligraphy as well as Adobe’s Creative Cloud are all involved. This workshop also covers the basic principles of publishing – essential if you are considering selling your books.

There is much pleasure to be gained from designing, printing and binding books, whether you are involved physically or just the person who orchestrates production. The aim is to inspire and encourage you to seek adventure in the world of book arts.


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